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child playing charades

5 Social Skills Activities for Children With Autism

Does your child with autism struggle in social situations? You are not alone.  In this article we are going to offer some activities that can help improve their social skills.  But first let’s examine what social skills are and why children with autism struggle in social situations.  What are social skills? First let’s define what…
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person covering their ears

What is it Like to Have Autism

Have you ever looked at your autistic child and wondered how they experience the world? In this article we are going to show you the technology that is helping neurotypical people get a better understanding of autism by walking a mile in an autistic child’s shoes.   But first let’s explore how children with autism experience…
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Albert Einstein

Geniuses with Autism

You have probably seen a movie where the character with autism seems to have superhuman intellectual abilities.  But how accurate is that? In this article we will explore if people with autism can be geniuses and list some of historical geniuses who were thought to have autism.   Can people with autism be geniuses? Genius is…
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picture of women who is burnt out

Recognize and Prevent BCBA Burnout

Working as an BCBA and feeling burnt out?  You are not alone.  Burnout is one of the main reasons that therapists leave the ABA field.  In this article we will explore the stresses that cause burnout, help you recognize the signs, and show you how to recharge your batteries.  The Stresses of Being a BCBA…
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parent explaining autism to child

6 Tips to Explain Autism to a Child

If you have an autistic child then you will at some point find yourself explaining his condition to other children.  Here are some tips that can help make the process of explaining your child’s autism a bit easier.   Tips to Explain Autism to a Child Use age-appropriate language and examples: Children of different ages will…
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teacher performing FBA on autistic student

What is a Functional Behavior Assessment

If your child is working with an ABA therapist then one of the first things that they probably performed was a functional behavior assessment (FBA).  In this article we are going to take an in depth look at what a FBA is and how it is used in ABA therapy. Let’s begin.   What is a…
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autistic child taking cbd

The Ultimate Guide for CBD and Autism

If you have an autistic child you have probably heard about CBD. This is no surprise as CBD usage has been increasing in the autism community.  In this article we are going to break down what CBD is, how it helps children with autism, and offer suggestions for the best CBD products for your child. …
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autistic child having meltdown

How to Calm Your Autistic Child During a Meltdown

One of the most difficult challenges of having an autistic child is dealing with meltdowns, which can happen at any time and place.  A meltdown is when your child has a severe behavioral outburst that is often accompanied by intense emotions and screaming. These episodes can be incredibly challenging for you to navigate, both in…
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autism bracelets

Autism Bracelets

Are you thinking about purchasing an autism bracelet for your child?  In this article we will discuss what you should know before purchasing an autism bracelet and we’ll list some of the most popular bracelets. But first let’s discuss what an autism bracelet is.   What is an Autism Bracelet An autism bracelet is designed to…
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brushing autistic child's hair

10 Tips for Brushing Your Autistic Child’s Hair

For many parents, the task of cutting their child’s hair can be a daunting task, but for parents of children with autism, it can be especially challenging. Autistic children may experience sensory overload and discomfort when their hair is being cut, leading to difficulty in maintaining their appearance. In this article we are going to…
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