autistic child taking cbd

The Ultimate Guide for CBD and Autism

If you have an autistic child you have probably heard about CBD. This is no surprise as CBD usage has been increasing in the autism community.  In this article we are going to break down what CBD is, how it helps children with autism, and offer suggestions for the best CBD products for your child. …
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autistic child having meltdown

How to Calm Your Autistic Child During a Meltdown

One of the most difficult challenges of having an autistic child is dealing with meltdowns, which can happen at any time and place.  A meltdown is when your child has a severe behavioral outburst that is often accompanied by intense emotions and screaming. These episodes can be incredibly challenging for you to navigate, both in…
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autism bracelets

Autism Bracelets

Are you thinking about purchasing an autism bracelet for your child?  In this article we will discuss what you should know before purchasing an autism bracelet and we’ll list some of the most popular bracelets. But first let’s discuss what an autism bracelet is.   What is an Autism Bracelet An autism bracelet is designed to…
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brushing autistic child's hair

10 Tips for Brushing Your Autistic Child’s Hair

For many parents, the task of cutting their child’s hair can be a daunting task, but for parents of children with autism, it can be especially challenging. Autistic children may experience sensory overload and discomfort when their hair is being cut, leading to difficulty in maintaining their appearance. In this article we are going to…
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image of child sleeping

The Ultimate Sleep Guide for Children with Autism

If your child with autism is having a hard time with bedtime it can be rough. The constant struggles, pleading, and tantrums can make any parent feel worn out.  Thankfully there are some solutions that you can implement to help your child get a good night’s rest. But before we list those let’s examine why…
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child with autism running

Autism and Running Back and Forth

Have you ever noticed that your child with autism runs back and forth for no apparent reason. This can be incredibly frustrating and depressing as a parent.  In this article we are going to explain what is happening when your child with autism runs back and forth and how you can correct this behavior.  Why…
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Daughter Clinging To Mother's Leg

Autism and Separation Anxiety

Do you have a child with autism who gets nervous and scared when you leave them? This is known as separation anxiety.   In this article we are going to explore what separation anxiety is and learn what you can do to help your child get over their separation anxiety.  What is Separation Anxiety?  Separation anxiety…
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Girl bites his nails enthusiastically looking left

Why Children with Autism Bite their Nails

Is your child with autism constantly biting their nails? This behavior is more common than you think in the autism community.  In this article we will examine why children with autism bite their nails and how you can help them curb this habit.  Why do children with autism bite their nails It is not uncommon…
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autistic child with assistive technology

Assistive Technology for Autism

Technology is constantly changing. One of the major ways that technology is changing the autistic community is through assistive technology.  But what is assistive technology and how can it help your child with autism? What is assistive technology? Assistive technology is any type of technology or device that is used to assist people with disabilities…
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nonverbal autistic child playing

Activities for Nonverbal Autistic Children

Finding activities that atypical children enjoy can be challenging. If your child with autism is nonverbal it can seem impossible.  In this article we will lay out some activity ideas that are perfect for your nonverbal child with autism. But first, let’s examine why it can be so hard to plan activities for your special…
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